We at Shipsy are always striving to improve our platform by learning from and responding to the Industry needs!
In an attempt to bring in more visibility and analytics, we have introduced a new section to our Shipment Tracking Dashboard Insights- Transhipment Ageing.


Shipsy’s Container Tracking software comes powered with a Insights dashboard which keeps track of your Transshipment Ageing. This helps you remain proactive and raise ‘Hot Load’ requests in a much efficient manner


Bulk Upload’ Containers

Shipsy’s dashboard allows you to upload BL/Container numbers easily using an excel sheet. Once uploaded, Shipsy provides real-time tracking of all them, which keeps getting updated automatically

Ageing Insights

Keep track of your shipments stuck in transshipment from day 1 using real-time insights. The ‘Transshipment Ageing’ graph summarizes the data by dividing containers with respect to shipping lines and transshipment days.

Raise “Hot Load” Requests

Selecting a container in the graph above leads to a detailed summary, with details on ‘Shipment Number’, ‘Shipping Line’, ‘Destination and ‘Days in Transshipment’ among others. Use this data to plan your ‘Hot Load’ requests in a more efficient manner.

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Amit Walia

Experienced professional in logistics technology space and handles sales at Shipsy for Southeast Asia. Helped companies across different sectors reduce inefficiencies in supply chains. His other interests includes economics and psephology.

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